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US$ 160 billion market!

Executive SUmmary

Developed for the global games market, the Games Coin is the next  
Games Bitcoin.

Tremendous Growth

The games business is extremely lucrative and growing rapidly. 2.7 billion people will spend $ 160 billion on games this year. That's more than the film, music and sports industries put together.
*Film: 44 bn. Music: 18 bn. Sports: 92 bn.


Games and crypto-assets go perfectly together. We have been developing an entertainment and blockchain ecosystem for the global games market since 2017. This gives us an extreme lead: strategically, technologically and in terms of regulation.

Legally Secure

Our wallets and blockchain systems are regulated and BaFin compliant. In addition, a strict use of funds and a world class legal advice ensure our business model, as well as the Games Coin and the associated distribution system.

Gaming Ecosystem

Guaranteed Demand
by gamers worldwide.

Games Token

a Coin made for the global Gamesmarket
$ 160 BILLION US Dollar MarkEt

Skill Gaming

Can be used in all video games and apps worldwide
STEAM & Unreal

Open Games Framework

B2B2C2C Platform: From gamers to producers and developers to networkers
Universe GameS

360° Games Portfolio

Predictable income and enormous scaling
Own, broad-based games portfolio
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